'Fake Records' [nep-label] 
zijn oude grammofoonplaten (vinyl singles) die nooit werkelijk hebben bestaan. Maar ze zijn er wel ...

'Fake Records' 
are old gramophone records (vinyl singles) that never really existed. However they're here ...

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Fake Records: Wild William - 'Thirty-two Pianos'
Fake Records: Dino Spaguetty - 'Disco Italiano'

Fake Records: Hop Hop en de Hoorns - 'Lose or Win'

Fake Records: Rudi & Karl Reizinger - 'My Friend'


Wild William:
'Thirty-Two Pianos'

Dino Spaguetty & friends:
'Disco Italiano'
Hop Hop en de Hoorns:
'Lose or Win'
Rudi & Karl Reizinger:
'My Friend'

Fake Records: Professor Maouse Trap & The Three Blind Mice Orchestra - 'The Double Lefthanded Man'

Fake Records: Micharl Kadinky - 'Plastics'

Fake Records: Rador Conimé - 'The Quick, th Slow and the Cocky'

Fake Records: John Freight - 'My Train'

Professor Mouse Trap:
'The Double Lefthanded Man'
Michael Kadinsky:
Rador Conimé:
'The Quick, the Slow and the Cocky'
John Freight:
'My Train'

Fake Records: Hans Martin Krüger - 'Sunday Morning Drive'

Fake Records: Hand MArtin Krüger - 'Telephone Tune'

Hans Martin Krüger:
'Sunday Morning Drive'
Hans Martin Krüger:
'Telephone Tune'

In Flanders Fields

Hoorns Harmonie Orkest:
'In Flanders Fields'



Fake Records: Patty G. - 'TrumpetMan'

Fake Records: John Freight - 'Although I Know'

Fake Records: Infinite Wrench - 'ON and ON'

Fake Records: Aphra Cool - 'The Rose and the Gardener'
Patty G.:
John Freight
'Although I Know'
Iinfinite Wrench
'On and On'
Aphra Cool:
'The Rose and the Gardener'

Fake Records: Simple Dudes - 'Boggy Lane'

Fake Records: Surge Company - 'Land of Cockaigne'

Hans Martin Küger: Synths
Simple Dudes:
'Boggy Lane'
Surge Company:
'Land of Cockaigne'
Little Boy:
'Little Boy'
Hans Marti Krüger:

Leaping Jeff Rodgers: 'Simple Kind of Lovin' '

Fake Records: Joe Little and the Bugs - Love You So

Fake Records: The Attick Brothers - 'RaIn'
Leaping Jeff Rodgers:
'Simple Kind of Lovin' '
Joe Little and the Bugs:
'Love You So'
Joe Little and the Bugs:
'Love You So'


Fake Records: John Freight - 'The Two of Us'

Fake Records: WIM - 'I Want You'

Fake Records: Hans Martin Krüger - 'Prelude No. 6' (Jan W. Singerling

Fake Records: Oberkrainer Bunga Bunga Band - 'Die Lustige Bläser'

John Freight:
'The Two of Us'
'I Want You'
Hans Martin Krüger:
'Prelude No. 6'
Oberkrainer Bunga Bunga Band:
'Die Lustige Bläser'
Fake Records: John Freight - 'If' (David Gates)

John Freight: Space Oddity (David Bowie)

John Freight:
John Freight:
'Space Oddity'



Fake Records: Small Beatles go Dutch - 'Medley'

Fake Records: The Beatle Bashing Boys - 'For No-one'

Fake Records: Small Beatles go Dutch - '' Als Ik Zestig Word'

Small Beatles go Dutch:
'Medley on 4,75 cm/sec.'
The Beatle Bashing Boys:
'For No-One'
Small Beatles go Dutch:
'Als Ik Zestig Word'