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Click the picture above to see the ScaleFinder image in full size (1:1)
This is the *.GIF-file of the ScaleFinder
There also is a *.DOC-file with the *.GIF-file of the ScaleFinder included

How to put the ScaleFinder  together

First of all make a choise wether you use the *.DOC-file (to open in MS Word) 
or the *.gif-file (to open in any program that can handle Hi-res images).

Then print the image of the ScaleFinder. 
Use paper A4 (120 g/m2).
Cut the sheet in half and start with the construction of the 'holder'.

- Cut out  the gray parts precisely. 
Make use of a sharp knife or scalpel and a (transparent) ruler. 
- Fold the front and the back of the holder.
Make a fold-line with a sharp non cutting device, for instance the back of a scalpel.
- A small strip remains. 
Make here a fold-line in the same way.
- Put the strip with the notes under the front of the holder so that you can see the notes through the holes you just cut out. 
- The horizontal lines should match exactly. If not, then correct the strip so that it can move in the holder without any problem.
- Finish the ScaleFinder by folding the small strip to close the holder.

If you have some comment on the way things are explained here please help 
me to improve things. Also for questions and remarks:



Toonladderschuifkaart (construction) [more sliders: Pentatonic/blues]