Check out Guitar George .... he knows all the chords!! Check out Guitar George
Guitar George Check out Guitar George 

          ..... he knows all the chords!

Well, all the sure is a lot.

More important is that on the CD-rom 'Guitar George'  
they are classified in a well-organized way.  

The chords are represented in five different ways:

1. Chord-diagram  
2. Note names
5. Sound 

    How to order ...          

€ 20,00 / 
US $ 30,00 /  UK £ 20,
00 *)

Chord reference download version
€ 8,00 /  US $ 10,00 /  UK £ 8,00 

*) shipping included

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Understanding Chord diagrams
Introduction (how the system works)
Survey of the chord reference
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about Guitar George ....


Now try the full version of the Guitar George chord reference (33.2 MB)

You need a 4-digit entry code to unlock the program. 

First download the code generator, open it, get the code, remember it and close the window again. 
Afterwards you can download the GG chord reference  and use the 4-digit code to open the program.

It's also possible to download the chord reference with a permanent entry code.  
The costs are
€ 8,00 | US $ 10,00 | UK € 5,00   See for further details: How to order


Now get your ScaleFinder for free

Extra programs on the CD-rom

ChordBuilder by Guitar George 
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ReadMusic by Guitar George
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[free download]





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